What Sets Us Apart In Tewksbury, MA

what sets us apart

Lifetimes of Healthy Smiles

Visiting the dentist should be a fun, enjoyable experience, especially for children. Each child should feel safe, reassured, and always be treated with compassion and empathy. Dr. Steven Demetriou and our team know the importance of making sure every visit is filled with smiles and laughter: We provide a welcoming, kid-friendly space where children are the stars!

Dr. Demetriou is a board-certified pediatric dentist. He has extensive specialized education and experience that focused on the unique dental needs of children. He provides care appropriate to each child’s stage of dental development and emphasizes preventive care and conservative, painless treatments.

Our team members are experienced, compassionate people. We love helping children develop a lifetime of great smiles, and treasure the friendships we build. We want our patients to be excited about caring for their oral health and graduate to adult dentists with healthy smiles and a passion for caring for them!

Making Visits Fun

We’ve created a dental office that children like to visit. Our reception area offers a video game console and lots of age-appropriate toys. The exam and treatment rooms have televisions, and our puppet friends, Ollie Mutt, Magi Dragon, and Farley Flossisaurus engage, entertain, and teach children. At the end of the visit, there are plenty of prizes, too!

We understand that children can be uncomfortable in unfamiliar settings. That’s why we take time to show patients around the office, explain what the various tools do, and talk about what’s going to happen. By taking away the “new” and making it familiar, we set patients at ease.

Fast and Pain-free Procedures

We use digital X-rays, which are readily viewable so Dr. Demetriou can diagnose any issues immediately. He also uses laser dentistry, which is safe, fast, and needle-free. Dr. Demetriou is able to remove decay efficiently without the need for a local anesthetic when possible!

A Focus on Education

Children are naturally curious and, when given the opportunity, ask lots of questions. Here we encourage that curiosity and offer clear, understandable answers. We want our patients to feel free to ask us about their mouth and how everything works: it’s important for them to understand the role oral health plays in their overall health.

Children also want to be independent. We encourage that, too. By helping patients learn how to brush and floss, make healthy food choices, and develop good habits, we set them on the path to a lifetime of optimal oral health and wonderful smiles!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Please schedule a consultation for your child at our Tewksbury, MA pediatric dental office. We can’t wait to welcome your family to our dental family. Call us today!

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